Yes on HB 3363: Racial Equity and justice student collaborative

YES, on House Bill 3363!

HB 3363: Racial Equity and Justice Student Collaborative

UPDATE: IT PASSED!! Thank you for your support. You can view the voting and hearing videos below!


REAP supports diverse student leaders through the Racial Equity and Justice Student Collaborative


At REAP, we believe that diverse student leaders should have a voice in the policymaking process at the state level. We also believe that students, particularly those who have been underrepresented or underserved, should be involved in creating and implementing the policies and practices that impact their lives.


That’s why we support House Bill 336-2, which would create a state-level Racial Equity and Justice Student Collaborative. We hope you’ll lend your voice of support and ask lawmakers to vote yes right away as well. 


Now under consideration by the Oregon Legislature, HB 336-2 came about after a disturbing racial incident during a summer 2020 meeting where students of color had been invited to share their experiences with racism in Oregon schools. After the incident, REAP, the Oregon Association of Student Councils, the Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators and the Coalition of Oregon School Administrators engaged more than 300 students and educators around the state to create HB 336-2.


If successful, the bill would set the foundation for the Racial Equity and Justice Student Collaborative. Members of the Collaborative will be students aged 11 to 18 with a majority coming from racial or ethnic communities that historically have been, or currently are, underrepresented or underserved. The Collaborative will focus on improving educational outcomes for students from those same communities, including students who identify as LGBTQ2SIA+, are emerging bilingual, and/or are experiencing disability.


This is incredibly important work that will have far-reaching benefits for students all across Oregon. REAP is proud to support this bill with our partners, and we encourage all Oregonians to support the legislation as well. Follow our journey to stay updated on the progress of the bill by signing up for our newsletter and following our social media accounts.

REAP – and students all over Oregon – thank you for your support. 



UPDATE: On April 8th, every House Education Committee Member voted YES on adopting the -2 amendment and YES on passing HB 3363! This unanimous vote is such an important milestone for our bill! We’ll continue to keep you updated on the journey of the Bill. -REAP Team 



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