REAP Students Panel Discussion/Q&A

REAP Student Panel Discussion/

REAP Student panel discussion/q&A

In this free webinar, The Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) hosted a panel of diverse experienced board members joined by Oregon high school students enrolled in REAP, a local multicultural youth leadership nonprofit organization for a Q&A session. Board members will share their experiences running for a board position and why they decided to run, recommendations/tips for how to run for a board position, information about the impact a diverse board can have on student achievement, questions and issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and why everyone, including BIPOC and younger generations, should consider running for board positions.
REAP students from Oregon will share their experiences, challenges they face relating to equity and disparities in education and suggestions for improving board member-student relations. Bring your questions about running for a board position, the election process, board work, and student engagement!

thank you for supporting our young leaders!

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