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REAP is a year-round multicultural youth leadership program committed to empowering the next wave of leaders. REAP works with students in grades 3rd through 12th, who represent our most marginalized student populations.

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A 10-month leadership based curriculum open to students from all backgrounds


Leadership development for young men from 12-18 years of age


Proactive support for youth identified with discipline issues


A career leadership program focused on entrepreneurial education & innovation

About REAP

To proactively ignite, elevate, and engage the next wave of leaders for the future now.

Since 2001, REAP has been offering multifaceted programming designed to uplift resilient leaders who are empowered to achieve their dreams. * Elevate youth voices
* Empower student leaders with a global mindset
* Expand student innovation toward entrepreneurship
* Engage students in cooperative management

Entrepreneurs have the potential to create immense social and economic value for a country.  However, an entrepreneur’s journey is not without struggles – at both personal and professional levels. The Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) aims to prepare young entrepreneurs to address and overcome these struggles.

This program is intended for young entrepreneurs who want to improve their personal leadership qualities and the organizational and financial performance of their firms as they launch and grow high-impact businesses.

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REAP in the news

REAP Offering Multifaceted and Globally Innovative Programming to Young Leaders: REAP has made headlines by becoming one of the most influential organizations working to help the next generation of leaders by creating a globally innovative leadership program. Their advocacy becomes even more pressing in the light of the challenges due to the global pandemic.

Since 2001, REAP has offered students multifaceted programming designed to raise the next generation of resilient leaders who are empowered to achieve their dreams. Recently, the company has invested and focused more on school communities with significant numbers of families in challenging economic circumstances and non-English speaking families.

REAP Inc.Effectively Expanding Reach and Community of Young Leaders: The pandemic has caused a great shift in industries across the world. People have adapted practices that have been proven effective amid the restrictions. And so, as such restrictions gradually relax, new practices brought by the pandemic are valued and are envisioned to stay even after the global crisis.

Because of its incredible courses, REAP’s students learn leadership skills both in school and the community. Specifically, it helps them cultivate a strong set of skills, including communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and teamwork. On top of that, REAP has a Young Entrepreneurs Program or YEP, which “creates opportunities for students to unleash their innovation and explore ways to create their own wealth to become self-sufficient.”

REAP Inc. seeks to provide members of its community with a series of interactive leadership modules that revolve around civics, education, health, business, and leadership. On top of that, the program also focuses on specialized and applied learning approaches grounded in fostering students’ writing, speaking, reading, and inquiry skills.

Youth are the future of our society. So much of how the world will turn out is in their hands. However, countless children are born into underprivileged communities, which sets them back from ever reaching their true potential. The world is often unfair, but that doesn’t always mean there aren’t ways to ensure a young person’s success. REAP Inc. has dedicated itself to becoming the beacon of light for youth from underprivileged communities

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